Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Hi folks!

Well, it’s been nearly a month and the Star Wars Chronology Projected has stagnated for the time being. All is good on my end, but life has become very busy.

This year I transferred to a new school, and I’m teaching three new courses. This semester all my time is being spent on preparing lessons and marking, not leaving any room for me to continue this project for the next little while. It was my hope that by the end of September things would have settled down, but with a full house and two small kids waiting for me at home at the end of a long working day, I have no time left for any leisure activities, unfortunately.

However, all is not lost. It is my hope that by mid-October I’ll have gone sufficiently ahead in my prep time to focus on my Star Wars quest. So, my dear reader, please don’t think I’ve given up. I’m still here, just super swamped.

I think I need a T.A.

May the Force be with you!