Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Star Wars Chronology Project


My name is MKB and I have decided to pursue my PhD in StarWars-ology, the study of all things Star Wars.

The purpose of this project is to read, watch, listen to, and play, every piece of Star Wars media ever produced, and to do so in the chronological order of events contained within the Star Wars universe. When I have completed a particular piece I will report my thoughts and reactions here.

Though this, of course, will not result in my actual achieving of a PhD. I do believe, however, after completing some initial research into what this all entails, that this task is no less than monumental in nature, and therefore worthy of a self appointed PhD in Star Wars-ology.

But before I begin I'll tell you a little bit about myself so as to set up some context as to why I'm doing this.

Firstly, I am a fan of Star Wars, and not simply the movies, but of all things relating to it. It is the universe I like to escape to.

Secondly, I have always wanted to do this, and by "this" I mean engage with everything ever produced relating to Star Wars. In the past, when I have faced off with the extreme volume of Star Wars novels, games, and comics that have been created, I've crumpled under the sheer weight of words and images before me. But not this time.

Thirdly, I think my life should contain more reading and writing. This project will enable me to do both, while also setting a goal with a final objective in mind.

I am a teacher by day. I teach religion, literature, and philosophy at the high school level. I teach from grade 9 basic English to grade 12 university bound Philosophy. I have a Bachelors of Arts in English and Religious Studies, a Bachelors of Education, and a Masters' degree in Humanities. Like many English grads I have delusions of grandeur centering around the idea that I may one day produce the "Greatest Novel Ever Written". Maybe this is a first step.

There are well over one thousand pieces of Star Wars related media in existence today with many more being produced on an almost daily basis. Before I started this blog I googled a chronological list of Star Wars stories, and I came up with Joe Bongiorno's website . Of all the websites I visited this one seemed to me the most thorough and comprehensive. This list will be the one I follow, and indeed my compass, for the purposes of this project. It is my intention to read everything contained on this list, and complete my education in Star Wars-ology.

So, without further ado, let the Star Wars Chronology Project begin...


  1. Hey man I'd really like to hear your thoughts or reviews after each piece is completed. That way I don't have to read the bad stuff. ;)

    - Mike (The Chapters Guy)

  2. I've considered doing this for years. I want to immerse myself in absolutely everything in the Star Wars universe, but I never started because of the massive amount of content. I suppose I could've been finished by now had I started five years ago, at the beginning of high school, when I believe the idea first came to me.

    I see you are reading the RPG books, and you say you're playing the games - tell me, does that include the webgames and plug and play games, and the MMOs?

  3. It will definitely include the MMOs. I played Star Wars Galaxies extensively when it came out, but I've only played SWTOR briefly. There is so much story there I'm daunted by it. I'm not sure why since I've decided to take on the whole of Star Wars canon, but for some reason it does.

    What do you mean by webgames and plug and play games? Can you give me an example?

    If you’ve thought about doing this then I say go for it! Start a Star Wars Chronology Project blog. Use mine as a template if you'd like, the endeavour is well worth it. As one of my buddies says with starting big projects - what's wrong with right now?


  4. I've been working on a project of this nature, including several pauses and restarts, for about the same amount of time. Starting now, I am going to be reading your blog for a multitude of reasons, as I prepare to start publishing once again from the beginning in a manner more consistent than I ever have before.

  5. That's awesome William. Point me to your project. I'd like to read along and follow your progress.

  6. I am ecstatic to find that others have taken up a similar goal that I have! I am doing all things Star Wars chronologically as well. I'm almost at the MMO and I too am a little daunted by it, mostly because I need to buy a computer to run it. I haven't done the D&D style RPGs. I look forward to seeing if you do. There are quite a few. I came across this blog because I just finished "The Third Lesson" and found the ending cryptic to the point of pointlessly confusing. I just read your analysis and I don't know if I agree, but I appreciate your thoughts and will consider them. I will read every entry you make and I praise and thank you for this endeavor. May the Force be with you!

  7. As a follow-up to the comment I just made, I also recommend that you use the timeline info on Wookiepedia ( I stumbled onto the same timeline as you, and also found it superior. However, I can't help but feel like the wikia page receives more updates. Just a thought.

  8. It always exciting to meet a fellow Star Wars Chronologist along the way! Beside the others who have found this blog it’s exciting to have you join us in this journey. It's along and daunting road ahead, and it’s a quest I have every intention of finishing, but one I've begun to reconcile may never been complete. I have not written on this blog for a while as I've started to write my own bit of fiction (I'm past the half-way point on this side project), so I have experienced a few starts and stops along the way - much like what William Silva describes. I've set myself yet another deadline to get my fiction done, and I should be up and publishing on this blog again by the fall.

    I looked at the Wookiepedia timeline a long while ago but for some reason I didn't like it - I don't really know why, but yes, I imagine it's more up to date than Joe's. The regular readers and contributors to this blog are themselves first class Star Wars chronologists - Plaristes, Lugija, Peter Todd, Dal Rown, Nesis Vod, and they keep me honest as to what come next, and where one particular text fits in relation to another. Together we've become a living document of Star Wars history. I think the most beautiful timeline I've come across is Robert Mullins "The Star Wars Expanded Universe Chronology" It's worth your while to check that one out.

    I’m glad to welcome you to this blog and the society of Star Wars chronologists. Though I haven’t posted in a while I do check this blog often and I’ll respond to any comments you make. May the Force be with you!