Friday, January 29, 2010

3960 BBY: Onderon Cutoff

We’ve moved ahead three years in Star Wars chronology, to the year 3960 BBY.

It seems that in these three years the Jedi have still been fighting the Mandalorians. This particular piece of Star Wars chronicle takes us back to the planet of Onderon and its conflict filled moon of Duxon.

The Jedi Revan, leading the Jedi in this particular operation, is looking to dislodge the Mandalorians from the planet and retake it for the Republic. What is interesting to note here is that the leading Jedi is not referred to as ‘The Revanchist’, but simply ‘Revan’.

I’m really looking forward to finding out more about this character in the media to come.

This particular piece of Star Wars history is not a story in the traditional sense. Rather, it’s a role-playing game scenario, which has two possible outcomes (moreover, it’s a miniatures scenario, meant to be played out with small actions figures). Since it has two possible outcomes, it’s not the end result that matters to the events of Star Wars history; instead, it’s that the events themselves took place.

Although the Jedi Revan is leading the attacks against the Mandalorians in the large scale, he is not present during this particular skirmish. A rookie team of Republic troops is attempting to cutoff the escape route of some fleeing veteran Mandalorian warriors. Though the Mandalorians are out-manned, they are intent on taking-out as many Republic troops with them as they can.
The most interesting thing about this particular story is who is leading both of these teams. On the Mandalorian side we have Canderous Ordo – a Mandalorian. This is his first appearance in Star Wars chronology, and must be a formidable warrior, since he is matched against none other than Nomi Sunrider!

The inclusion of Nomi Sunrider was a bit of a surprise for me here. She last exited Star Wars history at the year 3986 BBY – a full 26 years ago. Which begs the question, what has she been doing in those 26 years?

What is more, her daughter Vima Sunrider must at least be a knight by this time, having herself been trained by Ulic Qel-Droma. Assuming Nomi was in her late teens to early twenties when we first meet her in the Saga of Nomi Sunrider, she would be in her late fifties to early sixties during this conflict. Her daughter Vima would then be in her late thirties to early forties. I wonder if Nomi took other apprentices in this time. I wonder if Vima is the great Jedi that Master Thon predicted her to be. I wonder what the Sunrider clan has been up to.

Fascinating! I love Star Wars history!

For my next post I’ll be examining other Star Wars RPG scenarios, and how these stories situate themselves in Star Wars Chronology. Until next time my friends, may the Force be with you.


  1. I was surprised by Nomi's appearance here, too. I'm anxiously looking forward to the upcoming Nomi Sunrider novel. I'm hoping it will address at least some of your questions (well, fans' questions, since they occurred to me, too).

  2. Actually, it's not Nomi herself:

    Hayabusa wrote:

    Is the Nomi Sunrider mini supposed to represent just a powerful Jedi in the Revanchist's forces, or is it supposed to be Nomi, herself? If so on the latter, that's a big revelation.

    silverforce (Sterling Hershey):
    No, neither of the named characters make an official appearance in the scenario, they're just representing tougher units.

  3. Super interesting and somewhat disappointing. I thought it awesome that Nomi made a re-apperence in Star Wars history. Too bad it's not actually her.

    Thanks for the info.