Friday, July 30, 2010

The Star Wars Chronology Project: One Year Later

It is the anniversary of when I began my quest, and one year later the Star Wars Chronology Project is still a burning goal, a burning desire in my heart. At the risk of sounding somewhat sad, my life has gotten better since I started this little Star Wars blog.

I never thought the Star Wars Chronology Project would be as fun as it is. I wish I had thought of this sooner, knowing now how much more interesting my daily life has become – to myself anyway. The SWCP is that ‘thing’ constantly in the back of my mind; the little joy I escape to when I have free time; my place of fantastical refuge from the real world; my little corner of the library where I can discuss with like-minds my thoughts on this vast and deep universe.

I have given myself an excuse to really, in an almost unhealthy manner, love Star Wars, and an excuse to buy all the material.

“But honey! It’s for my Star Wars Project!”

In short, the Star Wars Chronology Project has become my labor of love.

I’ve ‘tounge-and-cheekly’ called this project a PhD in Star Wars-ology, so with that in mind I’ve given myself four years to complete it. One year later, I’m not where I thought I’d be. I grossly under-estimated how long KOTOR I would be to get through, and I thought that by this time I would be somewhere in the early prequel area. Though I didn’t set a hard goal for myself going into this project, I think now with one year behind me I will.

Taking a look at Joe Bongiorno’s timeline, and still using that at my compass, I hope to be through all of the prequel material by next year, and on the precipice of engaging with the original trilogy. Knowing the workload I’m walking into come September, this may prove to be too much, but I might as well set the bar high, with a reasonable chance of success.

Since this is a PhD, I’ve also played with the idea of asking knowledgeable persons on Star Wars if they would be my officially un-official PhD directors; persons willing to place their rubber stamp (but with some critique and criticism) at the end of this. I have three people in mind I would like to ask, and if they agree, hopefully they’ll join as followers.

The first is a no-brainer. Plaristes has already filled the role of PhD director this past year, so hopefully he agrees to be the first of my officially un-official directors. (Whaddaya say?)

The other two I may have to work on for a bit.

If you have been regularly reading this blog I hope you have enjoyed the past year, and I hope you keep reading in the year to come. The Star Wars Chronology Project has, most certainly, been my pleasure.


  1. Well, I'm flattered. I don't know what I could do other than rubberstamp your "degree." I'm also just another fan who's working through the chronology, but I'm farther into the timeline you currently are, which is why I've been able to point out a few things. If being a director just means continuing to do what I've been doing, then that's fine with me!

  2. Yes, but you're also a fan who has thought about Star Wars in more than a superficial manner. Basically yeah, continue to do what you've been doing. Your input in this blog has been extremely helpful. So from one fan to another - thanks for agreeing to be my "officially unofficial” Star Wars-ology PhD director.