Monday, August 8, 2011

35 BBY: Swim Meet

Swim Meet, a Wizards of the Coast online roleplaying scenario, tells the story of a group of intrepid heroes tasked with hunting down and bringing back to the Jedi council a wayward Jedi consular who has slipped to the darkside.

Though I never got into wotc D20 system, and for a long while I did not have any of the sources, after reading the adventure details of this particular adventure I wish I had. I was just never around a group of gamers who enjoyed the D20 system.

There are a couple of things I think that are really neat about this rpg scenario. Firstly, the bad guy is a Mon-Cal who has embraced the darkside. As far as I can remember Mon-Cal bad guys are a rare breed indeed. After spending a year and a half in a crime syndicate, Ambaln, the dark-Jedi in question, now considers the Jedi council as wayward and full of “degenerates”.

The “MacGuffin” in this story is a force sensitive child Ambaln has kidnapped for the purposes of converting her to the darkside to begin his own Jedi Order. It’s the heroes’ job to get her back AND bring Ambaln back to the council.

Whether or not the heroes are successful in rescuing the child and bringing Ambaln back to the Council dosen't really matter, as this story’s possible ramifications are still fun to ponder. If the heroes are successful, a possible adventure could take them into the criminal syndicate Ambaln was in to uncover where he first began his wayward leanings. If they are not successful, Ambaln remains a target they can continue to pursue. Both are fun possibilities either way.

On a side note, I’m very excited to hear about Fantasy Flight Games’ purchase of the Star Wars RPG license, and I’m very excited to see what direction they take the game and the materials they’ll produce.

For my next post I’m going to go back to the comic medium and take a look at Star Wars Tales volume 1, and the story Life, Death, and the Living Force.  Until then my friends, may the Force be with you.


  1. I thought a lot of the short rpg scenarios on the WotC website were basically forgettable throw-away stories, but this one was an exception. I really enjoyed reading it, as the idea of a Mon Cal villain (a dark sider no less) is really cool.

  2. Yeah, this one seemed like a lot of fun. Have you ever played it? I meant to add a few sentences at the end of my post asking anyone who has ever played this how their adventure went and how well, or not so well, their particular group of heroes did. That's the fun of the RPG games- recounting the details of the adventure.

    So, on that note, if anyone out there has played this adventure and reads this, let us know what happened!

  3. I've never played, but I always enjoy reading the adventures, no matter how insignificant or small-scale they seem. It helps to expand the universe even more.

    Since you're an RPGer, are you familiar with the Darths & Droids webstrip?

  4. I've never been a roleplayer. I read the material, but playing them through just isn't my thing (I'm the same way with video games).

  5. Guss Tuno is also a Mon cal bad guy.

  6. Interesting fella. At what part of the SWTOR MMO can a player run into Guss?