Saturday, March 23, 2013

32 BBY: Obi-Wan's Adventures

Before I had decided to no longer play video games for this project I had already purchased the Obi-Wan’s Adventures game on E-Bay, but I had yet to purchase a Gameboy Colour to play it on.  I figured when I had squirreled away 40 bucks I'd pick one up, but that never happened.  So now I have the game sitting on my shelf without a Gameboy to play it. Then I found this website, which is fantastic, but a resource I wish I was aware of before I dropped money on this game.   I played through the first three levels, and pretty much understood what it was all about after that.
As it is, there is only one walkthrough video online to watch and you can see it here.  It’s the first level of nine, where the plot of the story follows what is basically found in the movie. From what I can gather from the write-up at Wikipedia there are two deviations from the story we’re familiar with.  There is mention that at one point in the game Obi-Wan faces off against some bounty hunters.  Also, in order to get into the city of Theed to liberate it at the end of the story the heroes needed to travel through some ancient catacombs, both elements missing from most retellings of this story that we’ve come across. I thought the catacombs on Naboo bit was neat.

I still might play through the game on my spare time, but in the interests of moving this project forward I’m going to check off Obi-Wan’s Adventures as ‘dealt with’. 
For my next post I’m going to take a look at Jedi Power Battles.  I found a 17 part walkthrough on YouTube, so I’ll get cracking on that a.s.a.p.  Until then my friends, may the Force be with you.


  1. Everything is better with catacombs. I wonder what some kind of "Essential Guide to Episode I" that included everything would look like. "Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan arrived to Theed, but before they met the Queen they had to battle, jump and talk their way through the entire city and do all kinds of sidequests."

  2. Pretty much, yeah. The end of 32 BBY draws near.