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4006 BBY: Knights of the Old Republic #33 - Vindication

4006 BBY

Knights of the Old Republic #33: Vindication

We have moved 993 years ahead in Star Wars chronology, and we are situated approximately ten years before an era in Star Wars history known as the Sith War. I believe there are sources on the Internet which give small pieces of information regarding what has happened in those 993 years, but alas, they are not canon, and therefore, I will not deal with them.

I had to do some sleuthing to figure out this date and what was going on here in the Star Wars timeline. In the comic Knights of the Old Republic #33, we are privy to a flashback from Lucien Draay, one of the characters in the story. The information here is all very disjointed to me, seeing as how I have yet to read this comic book series. I’m certain it will become clearer to me as a read on. I don’t want to go into detail about the story or characters because, firstly, I’m not familiar with this story line, and secondly, I want to deal with Star Wars history in as precise a chronological order as I can. Needless to say, I think I’ve figured out this particular piece chronicle.

This flashback to 4006 BBY centers upon a young Jedi Padawan known as Hazzen. It seems Hazzen became a pupil of the Jedi Knights at the behest of his Lord, Barrison Draay. The relationship between these two is similar to a butler and his master (though not in the same manner as a Padawan and his Jedi Master), or secretary and CEO of a large corporation. Hazzen is Barrison’s servant, for lack of a better description.

Barrison was the head of a large corporation, who employed millions of beings across the galaxy, as well as a Jedi Knight. Barrison’s Master, Arka Jeth, had his doubts as to whether Barrison could juggle both occupations, but as it turned out he could. Hazzen was also the pupil of Arka Jeth, and was a Padawan learner along side Barrison, but as it turned out, Jedi Master Jeth knighted Barrison before Hazzen.

Hazzen questioned Jedi Master Jeth’s motives, and accused Barrison of buying his title of Jedi Knight, and not earning it. Master Jeth quickly scolded Hazzen, saying Barrison did indeed earn his knighthood, while he, Hazzen, did not. Add into the mix the affections of a woman who Hazzen wants, and Barrison gets (who is also rich and knighted by Master Jeth, and add to that has feelings for Barrison) and we have the makings of a jilted and failed Padawan learner.

After the knighting ceremony, Hazzen runs away, while Barrison chases him to console his faithful servant. When alone, Hazzen attempts to hit Barrison, misses, and is gifted with a punch on the jaw from his employer. Barrison quickly apologizes, and tells Hazzen he’ll keep him as his retainer – perhaps he’ll pilot a ship for him. Hazzen is left defeated and embarassed.

Here ends the flashback.

As I said before, this flashback sticks out a bit in Star Wars chronology, and makes me not want to deal with flashbacks in the future of this project. Maybe I won’t, I’ll have to see. This story obviously has a bearing on events to come.

For my next post I’ll be examining the years 3998-3996 BBY, and the text Ulic Qel-Dorma and the Beast Wars of Onderon.

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