Thursday, August 27, 2009

5000 BBY - 4999 BBY: The Great Hyperspace War


The Great Hyperspace War recounts the events of the Fall of the Sith Empire. Indeed, The Fall of the Sith Empire could be re-named The Great Hyperspace War, and still retell the same events of Star Wars history.

In this text, taken from Jedi vs. Sith: The Essential guide to the Force, our narrator is none other than Odan-Urr, the Jedi Knight who participated in the events recounted last post. Odan-Urr gives a synopsis of the events, retelling what he knew of Naga Sadow and the Daragons, but what I found interesting was that he referred to Memit Nadill as his master. In the story The Fall of the Sith Empire, this relationship is not flushed out. It seems to me that in this story Odan-Urr and Memit Nadill are both Jedi Knights, one not occupying a position of authority over the other. What is more, in issue #0: Conquest and Unification, found in The Golden Age of the Sith series, it is Odan-Urr who teaches Memit Nadill about Jedi Battle Mediation, and is the first time in Star Wars history that such a technique is demonstrated.

Odan-Urr goes on to talk about the fall of his first master in this conflict, Master Ooroo, and his foresight that Odan-Urr will be the longest lived Jedi in history. Master Ooroo was an interesting character. He was a giant brain encapsulated in a thick yellow crystal substance. You can find a picture of him here. The scene between these two at the end of The Fall of the Sith Empire was very touching.

Odan-Urr also references the Sith holocron he discovered. It seems that Master Urr was incorruptible in the presence of this holocron, as Sith holocrons are known to warp those who keep them in their possession, and twist them to the darkside. What is interesting about this holocron was that Odan-Urr was aware of Naga Sadow’s escape to the Yavin system, even though he possessed the holocron after these events transpired. He came to the conclusion that some otherworldly or supernatural factor could update the holocron on events outside of the holocron’s possession by Naga Sadow. Tionne Solusar later confirms this fact.

The Great Hyperspace war ends an era of Star Wars history. From this point we move nearly 1000 years ahead in Star Wars Chronology to circa 4000 BBY. In my next post, I’ll be examining the year 4006 BBY, and the text Knights of the Old Republic #33.

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