Saturday, August 21, 2010

3626 BBY: The Old Republic

I took a few days to think about what I wanted to write with regards to the Old Republic MMO which is scheduled for release next spring. After much thought, with nothing forthcoming to mind, I realized that I hadn’t much to say, except that I’m looking forward to its release. As I’ve indicated through other posts on my blog, I’m probably going to play a bounty hunter on a PvP server.
I hope it’s going to be a good game, and I hope Bioware has what it takes to attract players away from World of Warcraft, so that a vibrant community with take root and hold. If the forums at swtor are any indication, I think this game will have its fair share of the market.

Even if The Old Republic turns out to be WOW with a Star Wars skin I won’t be disappointed. I played WOW for nearly two years, and stopped playing only because my life got busy (career, marriage, mortgage, children) and I didn’t have time to play any longer. And the only reason I started to play WOW in the first place was because Star Wars Galaxies went to hell-in-a-hand-basket after the New Game Enhancements.

I had tremendous fun playing both games, and I look forward to becoming part of another gaming community. Some of the people I met while playing Galaxies I count as true friends. Though I’ve never met any of them in real life, we spent many hours together on TeamSpeak mostly talking about the game, but also our real lives as well. I miss the camaraderie I felt with my guild on Galaxies.

Coors, Iakote, Arek, Cahnuuk, Yatchu, Huntress, Sa’ik, Cadina, Lemi, Inalla, and Ebofo were a great bunch of people to game with. What also made the game great were the nemesis’ we picked up on the way as well – the Jedi who hated the sight of our NeXuS guild tag when we walked into the cantina to collect a bounty.

I hope The Old Republic has what it take to create lasting memories for people who love Star Wars, and simply want to live it on their off hours.

Like I said, I’m looking forward to playing TOR.

For my next post I’m going to examine the ninth timeline released by Bioware, and then look at some of the excerpts from Jedi vs. Sith that I missed in my accounting of the Jedi Civil War and the Great Galactic War. Until then my friends, may the Force be with you.

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