Monday, August 23, 2010

3970 BBY: The Mandalorian War

Hell is full of good wishes and desires, so says Saint Bernard of Clairvaux. Similarly, when speaking of the Revanchist’s and Alek Squinquargesimus’ decent to the darkside Master Gnost -Dural says: “Revan and Malak’s decent into to darkness actually began with compassion; the compassion that compelled them to enter the Mandalorian Wars”. Their intentions, from their ‘certain point of view’, were good and noble.

The ninth timeline released by Bioware outlines the events of the Mandalorian War, a period of Star Wars history which is extensively covered in the Knights of the Old Republic comic series. It is placed at 311 BTC, which translates as approximately 3670 BBY (I think) – but the later date does not entirely jive with the dates I’ve been following. No matter though, as long as the material is covered. I would probably place this piece at the end of 3963 BBY, when the events of the KOTOR comic series are complete.

Some interesting facts come to light in this time piece; namely, a missing piece of history centering on the fight between Mandalor the Ultimate and Revan, the creation of Malachor V, and finally where the path of good intentions eventually lead Revan and Malak.

In my discussion of Manaan in my post on KOTOR 1, I mentioned how Canderous, at that particular point in the game, mentioned how Revan had defeated Mandalor in a duel. This casual mention caught me a little off-guard because I thought that such an important event in Star Wars history would have been reference in some source material prior to KOTOR 1. My surprise was warranted because this particular scene had not yet been dramatized – until timeline # 9 of course. My favorite part of this timeline is the picture this post is accompanied by: Revan entering armed battle with Mandalor the Ultimate. A missing link has been filled – Star Wars history is now more properly flushed out.

The duel between Revan and Mandalor ended with Revan igniting a “super-weapon” which destroyed an entire planet, taking with it Mandalorian warrior, Republic soldiers, and Jedi Knights – the planet which later became a focal point of the darkside: Malachor V. Yet another piece of the puzzle filled in.

After the destruction of Malachor V, Revan and Malak’s ‘war of compassion’ lead them down the only road they could see, the one which is wide and easy to tread upon: the road to hell: “…but Revan and Malak pursued the remnant of the Mandalorian armies into deep space. It was there of course that Revan and Malak found the Sith Empire. And upon meeting the emperor their fall to the darkside was complete”.

For my next post I’ll be looking at pages 163-164 and 130-133 of Jedi vs. Sith, pages that I missed during my examinations of that time period, and pieces with have Revan as their focus. Until them my friends, May the Force be with you.

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