Sunday, January 9, 2011

47 BBY: Star Wars Tales Volume 4: Survivors

The story of Mace Windu becomes further problematic in the story Survivors.

We’ve moved ahead 9 years in Star Wars history, to a 23 year-old Mace Windu.

What do you do if you are faced with a known killer; a known architect of mass genocide; one who not only got away with murder, but gave the word ambition and life; with weapon in hand, and believing you have no way to bring this evil creature to justice? What do you do?

If you are Mace Windu, the answer is easy. You kill him.

Haunted by the spirits of now extinct sentient races, Windu is lead to an unknown world to confront Uda-Khalid – an evil man who had mastered the art of civilization destruction, and a being who has learned to cover his tracks: “There was no evidence of what he’s done. No clue to trace his guilt. No reason to suspect him”.

“No one ever gets away with murder” declares Mace Windu to Uda-Khalid – and he means it.
Mace, you are a Jedi my friend – defender of life – the upholder of justice – the believer of an absolute truth.

Or are you?

What do you do Mace, when he pulls a weapon on you, bent on killing you? Do you fall to form zero, seeking a peaceful solution? No, of course not, that’s foolish and idealistic. Ideals have no room in the reality of the situation before you.

Do you maim your opponent, arrest him, and bring him to justice? But wait – that’s right – there is no evidence to convict. He’s done well to hide his crimes. There is no court that is able to convict him. Ghosts can’t take the witness stand. This is what you know to be true.

Do you sever his hand Mace? Do you knock him unconscious and figure out what to do with him alongside your colleagues in the Force? Do you pull him before the council and engage in dialogue, seeking a peaceful and judicial answer? No, or course not, that’s too much work.
So what do you do Mace? What’s left? I guess the only response you have left is to cock your saber back and plunge it into a heart of darkness.

You did well Mace. You saved lives. You brought justice, and, more importantly, you served revenge.

But are you a Jedi?

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