Thursday, August 16, 2012

32 BBY: The Phantom Menace Movie Storybook

The Phantom Menace Movie Storybook put me to sleep twice.  Reading The Phantom Menace this many times is killing me.  Why am I torturing myself like this?  The desire to be a completionist is mildly insane.
I really haven’t much to say about this source.  It was a highly condensed version of the story placed alongside stills from the movie.  The only mildly interesting thing I observed was a grammatical error, in that Gardulla the Hutt was referred to as “he” instead of “she”.  Also, after Amidala called for a vote of no-confidence, and Vallorum was ousted as chancellor, he exclaimed to Palpatine “You have betrayed me” (this line also appeared in Brooks’ version too).

Other than that, I can only complain about the story in general.  Why the hell wasn’t the council members more active in tracking down the Sith once they had accepted Qui-Gon’s assertion that it was, indeed, a Sith that attacked him?  Seriously, a vote for a new chancellor is more important to the Jedi Order than the re-emergence of the Sith after a thousand years?  Really??? Yoda and Windu, get off your council seats and head to Naboo.  As a matter of fact, everyone head to Naboo now!  We need to over-react, not under-react.
Also, what the hell did Jar Jar mean when he said that Boss Nass was “setting up” Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan by sending them through the planet core?  Was he trying to kill them?  If so, why?  I don’t get it!!!

I’m looking forward to reading some new material.
For my next post I’m going to make place-holders posts for Episode 1 Adventures 13-15.  I’m still waiting on them through the interlibrary loan system.  After these sources I’ll engage with The Phantom Menace Trade Paperback.  Until then my friends, may the Force be with you.

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  1. I remember this feeling well. It hit me hard when I picked up to start reading the manga adaptation of TPM. At least with the comic adaptations you can look at and analyze the new artwork, rather than screenshots we've all seen a bazillion times.