Wednesday, August 1, 2012

32 BBY: Signal Interruption

Signal Interruption was a fun source to read because the player character “heroes” in this story, either knowingly or unknowingly, behave rather villainously.  This is because this adventure is run in concordance with the Darkside Sourcebook.

There are two ways players could play this story: as either good guys down on their luck looking to turn a quick buck, or mercenaries looking to do harm to the Naboo.
For this RPG scenario’s outcomes to be successfully met it makes most sense if it were run with players purposely playing villains participating in a darkside campaign.  If  a GM were to run this scenario with players that are good guys it would be more difficult for the adventure outcomes to be met  because their actions within the context of this story would seem a little too ruthless.  Shooting down Naboo security guards, palace security, and sensor array technicians (albeit unknowingly with the security guards in the restaurant) is a little to “darkside” for good guys to get away with.

To be honest, if I were a GM running this scenario I’d only offer it as a darkside option.  It simply makes the most sense this way.
As it is, it seems the Trade Federation, prior to its attack on Naboo, hired some mercenaries to take down the planet’s communication array so it could  place their own jamming satellites into position undetected.  This is what the group of “heroes” are responsible for completing. 

Signal Interruption is a quick little scenario with three parts: meet the contact Raymas Daal, fight some security forces, then sneak into the facility to take out the communications satellites. 
One of the more interesting aspects of this RPG scenario was its mention of other RPG scenarios, namely, Operation Clodhopper.  I’ve looked on Joe’s chronology and it’s not contained on his list.  Plaristes, or anyone else reading this for that matter, do you have a copy of this scenario or know about it?  I’ve tried to acquire it online with no luck.  Moreover, what would this scenario’s in-universe date be?  I don’t want it to be a source I miss.

The other interesting facet of this RPG scenario was a line at its end about a dark Jedi behind the current troubles in Naboo:

“If the GM wants to create brand-new adventures, the group could investigate Raymas and his mysterious backer. Heroic groups could work to undo the trouble they’ve unknowingly caused for the Naboo government, and dark side groups could continue working for the Trade Federation — perhaps rising to the attention of the dark Jedi behind the current troubles on Naboo.…
Wouldn’t it be neat if the “dark Jedi” behind some of Naboo’s troubles in 32 BBY could be retconned to be Krell?  How neat would that be? I don’t think it’d work though, because I think we know Krell is working for Dooku at the time of the Clone Wars, and Dooku doesn’t leave the order until after the Naboo crisis.  I know I go on and on about it, but here is another short story opportunity.  A talented writer could weave some known dark Jedi’s narrative into the events of the invasion of Theed. 

For my next post I’m going to move on to The Phantom Menace (unless I’ve missed something J).  Until then my friends, may the Force be with you.


  1. I had forgotten those background tidbits in this scenario. Cool. :)
    As for "Operation: Clodhopper," it's set in 31 BBY, so it's sometime shortly after TPM. I've put it all into a file here: Enjoy. :)

  2. Is it on Joe's timeline though? It doesn’t seem to be. You're going to keep me honest when we get to 31 BBY right? Make sure I don’t forget to include these stories.

  3. No, it's not on Joe's timeline. His timeline is great, but as he admits, it's lacking when it comes to rpg stories. He's got a lot of them on there, but there are a lot he hasn't gotten to, yet. Since they're of interest to only a narrow subset of SW fans, they're a lower priority for him than novels, comics, etc. And don't worry, once you're close to finishing 32 BBY, I'll look into what stories are set in the next few years that aren't on Joe's timeline yet. :)